I rarely actually use cardamom. I'm more of a basil and oregano and red chili girl.


Back from Hiatus

As I told a friend recently, I don't know if I've ever been busy until recently.  The holidays had everyone rushing around as usual, but I've also taken a real interest in trying to keep our home in order despite working longer hours.  Add to that a slightly busier than usual social calendar, and you've got poor little Cardamom Tango feeling neglected in her little corner of the web.

This weekend has started in a wonderful way -- a celebration of The Exotic Foreigner's birthday.  We went snow tubing and it was such a simple and completely happy day of fun (during moments I wasn't thinking about the very real possibility of breaking my neck), that I simply must recommend it.  Some may prefer skiing, and I respect you for that.  But being that I normally fall immediately upon exit from the chairlift, I'll take an easy day of tubing, hands down.

Expect a post tomorrow.


  1. I'm so happy you are back. This is my last weekend here in SP. Decisive. Or not. The answers are up - in my face. I wish I was slidding there.

  2. I want to snow tube so. bad. Mike tells me it is super fun.

  3. Sharaze - it was so much carefree fun. The place we went was a very small establishment but run so well. We enjoyed every moment of it. If you're ever in this area in winter, we should go!