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Nets not Caskets

I was shocked this morning when I logged into my facebook account and found that my friend Jeremy had malaria.

He and Tamara, his wife and my good friend, have been in Uganda for about a year.  They are working in the Masese slums, and to tell you what they do would be a bit difficult.  They have several projects going on there, and I think the descriptions are best coming from them.  You can read about them at http://www.boonesinafrica.com.

I write about this today because I am also reading The End of Poverty, by Jeffery D. Sachs.  In this book, Sachs describes the poverty trap that keeps many societies from getting a foothold on the ladder out of poverty.  Malaria is one of the obstacles that keeps civilizations down.  The depressing fact is that it is only one of the challenges to helping other societies defeat extreme poverty, but it is probably one of the first that must be addressed.

If you explore a bit on the Boones' page, you will see that you can donate to Nets not Caskets through their sponsor, Equip International.  I have not researched other charities through which you can do this, but I am aware of their existence.  If you have a desire to help people get a foothold up, this is one very direct way to do it.

Another interesting project you will find on their page is "Way Out," in which women of the Masese slum have begun making jewelry in order to bring in some income.

I am writing this as a sort of advertisement, yes, but not necessarily only for Jeremy and Tamara's benefit.  I hope that you might donate to them, but if not, please join me on my quest for knowledge regarding how we who are so tremendously wealthy can truly help those who are not as fortunate.  Stay tuned for more on this, especially when I have finished The End of Poverty.

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